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Seeking Methods Of Competing With Other Insurance Companies Including Other State Farm Agents?
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Why Should State Farm Agents Use This Service?
The short answer is to be found by prospects who are searching for you right now

Be The #1 State Farm Agent In Your Area
Be found by those searching for a new State Farm agent whether they just moved into your town or they are dissatisfied with their current agent

Be the #1 Search Result For Key Terms
New prospects will search for the product they want.

State Farm Agents Are Not Being Found Online
Most State Farm agents are not listed on the first page of search results when the prospect isn't seeking "State Farm"

Search Ranking Has A Great ROI
Search ranknig provides a consistent lead flow from qualified prospects leading to a high ROI
Sample Results
What Is The Beta Program?
We are seeking 3-5 State Farm agents for the beta program for use in case studies and outreach marketing. All current agents requested "Non-Disclosure Agreements". Yes, that's right. They did NOT want YOU to know what was really working!
Cary Duke Charleston
Who Is LH2 Group and Cary Duke?

I am a former insurance agent. I spent 6 years as an independent insurance agent in Texas achieving the Certified Insurance Counselor designation. During this time, I fell in love with marketing and the automation of prospecting and client nurturing. My success led to being invited to write articles for industry magazines: Insurance Journal.

I took this romance with marketing full-time in 2009 as a digital marketing service provider. Over the course of time I have built up a reputation as an expert. (See my Linkedin profile.) Many happy clients as well as students (yes, I have had the privilege of coaching nearly 100 SEO professionals) have received the benefit of my experience and knowledge.

I stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing techniques investing a great deal in coaching/mentoring as well as networking with industry experts. I am constantly testing tactics and strategies to keep pace with Google's daily algorithm changes (over 500-600 changes in 2016 alone: Source

All of this to bring you the best results, for the least amount of investment, in the shortest amount of time. 

Beta Program Details
1. Reduced Fee
2. 90 Day Guarantee
3. Three Referrals
4. Opportunity For Zero Cost
5. Case Study Permission
6. 100% State Farm Compliant

Exclusive! We only work with one State Farm agent in each city. Find out if your city is still available.

AOver 75% of searches are done on Google

BOver 50% of people making a search on Google click on one of the top3 results


Every city has search volume for the keywords that matter

Phone Calls!

By getting your State Farm website to one of the top 3 spots on Google, your website will be found by more people, leading to more phone calls and more customers!

Read What Others Have Said...
by Tim L - National Telesystems on Cary Duke
Cary Is A Business Producer

Cary has done a great job for National Telesystems in many phases of marketing. He has increased our number of leads with his innovative advertising campaigns. In addition, he has helped us with SEO and PPC, and his ability to improve our position in the search engines has been exceptional (and very appreciated!) In fact, we have been so impressed with Cary's work we have given him the project of redesigning our entire corporate website. His ideas and work ethic have blown us away.

I also have to mention that Cary is a great guy with a keen business mind. I hate to say it but some marketing people are more interested in the artistic side than the "business producing" side - Cary is a "business producer". I would highly recommend Cary to companies looking for quality, results-oriented marketing.

by J Dufault on Cary Duke
Best Video Marketing Expert

Cary is one of the best video marketing people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is an expert at placing his clients on page one of google for the search terms that matter. I highly recommend him for the tremendous value he can bring your business.

by B Planas on Cary Duke
Master Lead Generation

Cary is a master at SEO and lead generation. His strategies are mind blowing, and his results are incredible. He's always insightful and quite generous with his time. If you're interested in having your business soar to new heights online, I highly recommend working with Cary.

by Tim M - Hit Me SEO on Cary Duke
High Quality

There are many people and companies who say they can generate leads and do SEO, however, very few live up to the hype. Cary is one of the high-quality folks you never heard of and most likely never will. He only takes on a few clients per year. Those sufficiently fortunate to receive his assistance benefit greatly. I highly recommend his work and his tactics if you want to improve your rankings and your online visibility.

by K Grammar on Cary Duke
Expert Level Video Marketer

Cary is one of those underground guys, quietly excelling at SEO and video marketing for his own projects. He has worked with a select few companies over the past few years and is now opening his vault of secrets for a few more companies. An expert level video marketer and SEO expert, with over 1000+ page one rankings on Google and proof of 100's of phone calls per month for his clients and projects, your company would be well served by working with Cary

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