(6 Pack) Extra Large Hot Tub Scum Balls Absorbs Oil & Lotion for Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Floating Oil Absorbing Sponge Collects Slime and Grime

(6 Pack) Extra Large Hot Tub Scum Balls Absorbs Oil & Lotion for Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Floating Oil Absorbing Sponge Collects Slime and Grime
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Manufacturer Description

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Product Features

For Best Results It Is Recommended That Letting Minumum 2 Flowers Float On The Surface Of The Water And Meanwhile Place 1 Flower In The Basket Skimmer Dimensions 8 Inches X 5 Inches Scum Balls attract and absorb sun tan oil , body oil , pollen , small bug and any kind of lotion Super fast absorbent floating water clarifier . Scumball prevents scum lines and cloudy water Absorbent pads for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas for absorbing body oils and body lotions

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