Bayou Classic 7419 11-Quart Cast-Iron Jambalaya Pot/Deep Fryer with Domed Lid

Bayou Classic 7419 11-Quart Cast-Iron Jambalaya Pot/Deep Fryer with Domed Lid
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Manufacturer Description

This non-traditional design Jambalaya Pot has a rounded interior for cooking stews, gumbo and jambalaya, but has a flat bottom so it can sit on an outdoor gas cooker. Totally unique to the industry! Excellent for hunting, fishing, camping, scouting, and your own backyard. With quality construction that sets the industry standard, it is made heavy duty, rough and rugged.

The raised alligator logo on the lid lets you know this is one rugged pot. Made of durable cast iron, the heavy 11-quart pot is uniquely designed with a rounded, inverted-dome interior ideal for stirring stew, gumbo, and jambalaya, or for deep-frying hushpuppies and shrimp, and, with a flat exterior bottom (seven inches in diameter) to allow the pot to rest securely on either a campfire grill, an outdoor propane cooking stove, or an indoor stovetop. Like all good cast-iron cookware, the wire handle lies flat on one side for storage and stays at the desired 45-degree angle on the other, away from the direct heat yet easy to grasp with a mitt. Other features include a pour spout opposite an integral support tab and a domed lid with cast-iron loop handle. The interior of the pot measures 14 by 7 inches.

Before the first use, the cast-iron pot and lid should be seasoned at least once and preferably several times. This will help prevent rusting and creates a nonstick finish. After washing and drying thoroughly, the pot should be coated with solid vegetable shortening, such as lard or bacon fat (not butter or margarine). Let the pot 'bake' in a 300-degree-F oven for one hour, then remove and wipe off the excess. Spraying with a non-stick shortening after each use can also help season the pan. Most cast-iron cookware can be scrubbed clean by hand without detergents and then dried immediately. Bayou Classic makes a full range of heavy-duty cookers and cookware for the outdoor chef. --Ann Bieri

Product Features

11-quart round pot with domed lid cooks jambalaya, stews and deep-fried foods Made of rugged cast iron with swing-style wire handle Flat bottom allows pot to sit on propane cooking stove Interior dimensions 14 by 7 inches Season before first use; scrub, rinse, and dry after each use

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