Blumat JR Parent Listing - 5 counts
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Manufacturer Description

Blumat Junior Classic Watering Stakes, Water Your Plants on Vacation and All Year Round, Great for House Plants but can we used outdoors as well. As the soil dries, the ceramic cone delivers water gradually into the surrounding earth - thereby creating a vacuum within the cone which draws water from the nearby container of water. Once the soil is moistened the Blumat Junior will cease flowing water. It waters your plants only as needed. You can even add fertilizer to the water supply. This slow, continual feeding encourages prolific growth. Blumat Classic Watering Stakes will only draw water up 12 inches (30cm). If the surface of the water in your container is lower than this, the flow of water will be restricted and the plants gradually dry out. Each Blumat Jr. has a limit on how fast it can deliver water. Several cones may be necessary for larger plants in order to meet the higher water needs. In this case, a larger reservoir of water must also be available.

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