DIMEL Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Set with Multi-Use Spatula, Tongs, Meat Fork, and Heavy Duty Canvas Carrying Case - Barbecue Grilling Set with Utensils by Rust Resistant, Professional Cooking Tools

DIMEL Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Set with Multi-Use Spatula, Tongs, Meat Fork, and Heavy Duty Canvas Carrying Case - Barbecue Grilling Set with Utensils by Rust Resistant, Professional Cooking Tools
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Manufacturer Description

Grill Time, Chill Time
It doesn't matter if you are a grill master that spends many hours perfecting your cooking ability or you just break out the barbeque for special occasions like Super Bowl or backyard parties. Maybe you and your family go camping often or spend weekends at the local park, grilling burgers and brats for a fun family picnic. Whatever skill level you are or however serious you take your cooking, this food-grade, heavy duty grilling tool set is the perfect accessory from tailgating to cook-offs. With seven uses in only three grilling accessories and a durable, canvas carrying bag for easy travel, the Dimel gas grill set is all you need for indoor and outdoor cooking. This product works great with Weber, Char Broil, Super Space, Grillman, and Master Cook grills.

Makes For A Great Gift!
Looking for a unique and fun gift for grilling enthusiasts? This pro pack is a great option for anyone who loves to cook. Give it as a Christmas or Birthday present, a housewarming gift, or to your dad for Father's Day. The recipient will love how easy and versatile it is.

Product Details:
1x Spatula with Bottle opener, meat tenderizer, blade for cutting, and blade for cleaning
1x BBQ Three Prong Fork
1x Tongs
1x Blue-Gray Canvas Carrying Bag
Dishwasher Safe

Product Features

Complete Kit For All Your Grilling Needs: The Dimel BBQ grilling kit is designed to meet all of your cooking needs in one convenient and compact travel bag. This heavy-duty grill master set has 3 extra-long grilling utensils that can be repurposed for a variety of cooking needs. It comes with a spatula, a meat-piercing fork, and tongs. This 3-piece set has 19" handles for high-heat and large grills; bonus: these bbq accessories fit neatly into our blue-grey canvas bag for easy transportation. Quality You Can Trust: So long as you've got the food covered, Dimel has the charcoal and gas grill tools covered. Whether you are cooking in the comfort of your backyard, picnic, at a pool, house, or tailgating party, you can always count on the Dimel bbq kit to have your back. Made from stainless steel, these premium cooking tools are durable, rust resistant and sharp, which means they will retain their quality through adverse weather conditions, travel, and everyday wear and tear. 7 Uses In 3 Tools: The meat fork is great for spearing meat while the tongs have the perfect grip for side dishes like asparagus. Aside from its ability to flip burgers, the Dimel spatula has 4 other functions that really make it the star of the show. One side has sharp teeth to tenderize and pull apart meat and the other side has a blade for slicing and dicing. The front of it can be used to scrape excess food off the grill and (most importantly) it has a beer bottle opener. Ergonomic, Non-Slip Handles: Bbq utensils are only as effective as the person in control of them. This means the grilling tool has to have a comfortable and ergonomic grip. The long handles ensure you won't get burnt and the non-slip rubber inserts of the handles mean you get a firm, heat-resistant grip every time. Every detail of this product was hand selected to guarantee comfort and quality so that you're grilling experience is the absolute best it can be. Lifetime Warranty: Dimel is a company that stands behind their product with pride. We know grilling isn't just about cooking - it's an entire afternoon spent outdoor with the family on the patio or a Sunday entertaining friends with the football game on. Because we know how valuable these things are to you, we wanted to create a product that was just as valuable. If you aren't satisfied with this travel utensil set or there is a manufacturing issue, we'll replace it or refund you.

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