DMCSHOP Outdoor Misting Cooling System - Mist System Kit Garden Patio Fan Gazebo Irrigation-10 Brass Nozzles 32.8FT (10M), One Water Filters Shut Off Valve

DMCSHOP Outdoor Misting Cooling System - Mist System Kit Garden Patio Fan Gazebo Irrigation-10 Brass Nozzles 32.8FT (10M), One Water Filters Shut Off Valve
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Manufacturer Description

1.We have rigorously screened the quality of the spray line. High-precision brass nozzle nozzles are made of brass and are of good quality, rust-proof, durable and long lasting.
The hose is also made of anti-uv material and is not easy to age.
2.Our mist cooling system also has a filter and a on/off valve.The filter can filter out a part of the solid impurities in the water, so that the impurities entering the nozzle are reduced.
Thereby increasing the service life of the nozzle; the switch valve can also bring you convenience.
3.Our mist cooling system effectively reduces ambient temperatures and gives you a comfortable outdoor environment during the hot summer months.
Similarly, it is also suitable for garden plants, irrigation of crops, saving you a lot of time.

Package Includes:
1 x filter
1 x switch valve
1 x 10M Misting line
1 x Faucet Connector
10 x Brass mist nozzles
1 x garden hose quick socket

If you want the fogging effect of this mist cooling system to be more obvious, I suggest you add a water pump to increase the water pressure.
If the water contains many impurities, it will lead to plugging of the water tube or mist nozzles.
Because the effect of water mist is used to achieve cooling or watering, staying in that area for a long time may make clothes wet.
Sunscreen may still be needed for situations with strong sunlight.

Product Features

1.EXCELLENT QUALITY::Our mist cooling system includes well-made brass atomizing nozzle button and the pipe is made of a material with excellent UV protection. Durable and resistant to multiple environments. 2.COOL THE ENVIRONMENT:Our mist cooling system has a good cooling effect. It turns the water into a mist, uses moisture to absorb the heat from the surrounding environment, giving us a cool environment. 3.CAN HAVE MORE VARIABILITY AND EASY TO ASSEMBLY::Our mist cooling system is free to change the length. If you need to change the length of the tube, you can choose to pull the piston, pull the piston out and replace it with the length you need. And our mist cooling system is designed to be simple, from disassembly to assembly in less than 10 minutes. 4.A GOOD HELPER TO WATER THE PLANTS: Our mist cooling system can also be used to irrigate crops and water plants in the garden. Greatly reduce the time you spend on garden watering, bringing you more convenience. 5.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:You can get 100% money back if you are not satisfied about our mist cooling system for any reason.

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