Fan Misting Kit For a Cool Patio Breeze - Turns Heat Down By 20 Degrees, Easy On the Wallet, Portable, Connects To Any Outdoor Fan!

Fan Misting Kit For a Cool Patio Breeze - Turns Heat Down By 20 Degrees, Easy On the Wallet, Portable, Connects To Any Outdoor Fan!
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Manufacturer Description

Turn down the heat up to 20 degrees this summer with our fan mist system!

Clean Refreshing Air

Misting fans produce clean and safe air, because the water released by the fans is filtered for any impurities before it gets in the nozzles. The total amount of water consumed is normally up to 7.6 liters per hour.

Save Your Wallet

Now you can instantly create cooler and more comfortable outdoor space without spending a fortune. Why spend hundreds of dollars on those electrical fan systems with built in mist when you can simply attach Misty Mist to any outdoor fan.

High Quality

Each Fan Mist Kit comes completely pre-assembled. Made with high quality UV Treated Flexible Tubing, Ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles and includes 6FT of feed line with garden hose connector and filter washer. Attaches to any outdoor faucet/spigot or garden hose. Installation is a breeze.

Best Practice

Although out brass nozzles are long lasting with 0.3mm orifice compared to other sellers with 0.2mm orifice, it is best to use an in-line water filter to increase the working life of the nozzles

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Product Features

? TURN DOWN THE HEAT! : Turn any fan in to air chilling misting fan with use of our Fan Mist Kit! During hot summer months, most fans tend to blow hot air which adds to the misery. Simply attach our fan mist ring on the front grill of your existing fan and enjoy refreshingly cool air up to 20 degees! Perfect if you are hanging out by the pool, on the patio, or anywhere around your home. ? SAVE YOUR MONEY! : Now you can instantly create cooler and more confortable outdoor space without spending a fortune. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on a built-in electric fan mist system, our Misty Mist system simply attaches to most outdoor rated fan and connects to your garden hose giving the same cooling effect! ? HOW IT WORKS: Simply tie Misty Mist to your fan with the tie knots provided. Spin the high quality brass nozzles on to Misty Mist ring and then attach your garden hose to our hose connector! The range is wide. Just determine how much power and range you need, for "spot cooling" to suit your purposes. Water is circulated from your hose, and a fan pushes the mist through, producing a cool breeze! ? WHAT IS INCLUDED : 9 feet hose line (3 feet ring and 6 feet feed line). 4 high quality brass nozzles with 0.3mm orifice. Hose connector which fits to a standard garden hose. 10 tie knots to connect the ring onto the fan. ? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:- Buy with confidence: Our products are built to last and come with an unbeatable 1-year money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with this product, contact us to receive a replacement or set up a return and refund. Do not miss this great offer! Order now!

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