Flies Be Gone KM34 Fly Trap Bait (12 Pack) 100% Non-Toxic - Fast Activating Lure – Insect Attractant for Male, Female and Pesticide Resistant Flies

Flies Be Gone KM34 Fly Trap Bait (12 Pack) 100% Non-Toxic - Fast Activating Lure – Insect Attractant for Male, Female and Pesticide Resistant Flies
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Manufacturer Description

Had enough of that buzz in your ears? Are flies a huge nuisance? Take a stand against flying pests with Flies Be Gone! The Fly Barrel Trap captures flies and keeps them trapped for good. No exit, no chance of escape! Using the included bait, a natural non-toxic fly food, flies will be attracted and fly to the Barrel on their own. The tidy design blends into the landscape while view of the trapped flies is camouflaged by the sturdy frosted plastic Barrel.


Reusable 1/4 Gallon Fly Trap Barrel with Proprietary KM34 Fly Bait
Captures Thousands of Flies
Actives in 1 Day and Lasts Up to 1 Month
Pesticide Free
Easy to Use
Maintenance Free
Strong Seal, Keeps Flies Captured
Barrel Camouflages View of Flies
18" Reusable Hanging Suspension Strap
For Commercial and Personal Use
For Outdoor Use - Cattle & Horse Ranches, Dog Kennels, Restaurants, Dumpster Areas, Pest Control Professionals, Hospitals, Janitorial Areas, Gardens and More!


1 Barrel, 1 Suspension Strap, 1 Bait Packet *FREE BONUS Bait Refill Packet!*
2 Barrels, 2 Suspension Straps, 2 Bait Packets *2 FREE BONUS Bait Refill Packets!*
6 Barrels, 6 Suspension Straps, 6 Bait Packets *6 FREE BONUS Bait Refill Packets!*
2, 6, and 12 Pack Bait Refills Also Available


To use, open KM34 packet and pour into your fly trap. Add lukewarm water to the formula, shake and hang it up in partial or direct sunlight. The formula is made using natural fly food that flies cannot resist. When the mixture warms up, it emits an aroma that attracts flies. The formula is active for up to a full month.

Our bait ingredients are non-toxic, free of hazardous and poisonous chemicals. It is designed for outdoor areas and works better as the temperature gets warmer.

Order your Flies Be Gone trap today to enjoy safe & effective fly control!

Product Features

REUSABLE FLY CATCHER: The Fly Barrel will keep flies contained, before they get out of control! The screw top container has a specially designed lid that allows flies in, but won't let them fly out. NON-TOXIC INGREDIENTS: Have no worries of bringing toxic materials into your safe haven - our fly bait is pesticide and poison free and made using natural food components. It's like a gourmet meal for insects. ATTRACTS FLIES: Whether the flies are male, female or pesticide resistant, this bait attracts them. Perfect for home or commercial use, outside restaurants, on farms and anywhere flies are a problem. EASY TO USE: Pour bait in Barrel, add lukewarm water to the bait and attach the strap, hang outside. The bait activates in just one day, and remains activated for up to 30 days! Activated by warmth, the trap works best in warmer areas. USE IT ANYWHERE OUTDOORS: This canister trap catches thousands of flies and comes with reusable suspension straps to hang almost anywhere outdoors - your patio, backyard, garden, dog kennel, ranch or camping site.

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