Good Earth Supply Co. Premium Pantry Moth Traps Eco Friendly with Pheromone Attractants | Pack of 6

Price: $33.00
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Product Features

POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE: These pheromone moth traps keep at bay the Indian Meal Moth and other food moths, not only trapping existing ones but also preventing future infestations. Each trap can be used for up to 3 months with guaranteed results. NON-TOXIC & INSECTICIDE FREE: These pantry moth traps are made with industrial grade glue and powerful pheromone attractants, and are 100% safe and non-toxic for food, children, and pets. The special formula contains no insecticides and is entirely eco-friendly. EASY TO USE: These moth traps have a user-friendly design that can be setup in seconds. Simply peel off the protective sheet, fold, tuck, and place the trap in moth infested areas. LONG LASTING: Moth infestations can cost money, time, and energy, and can lead to food waste or even health issues. The Good Earth Supply kitchen moth traps will protect grains, pet food, bird seed, flour, rice and all of your dry goods. Each trap is individually sealed to ensure maximum potency and lasts up to 3 months. DISCREET DESIGN: Minimalist packaging blends in without drawing attention to your infestation.