Maxforce Ant Bait Station
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Manufacturer Description

Maxforce Child-Resistant Bait Stations with the Active Ingredient: Fipronil! Type of Ants are controlled: Pharaoh Ants and other common household Ants: Acrobat, Argentine, Crazy, Odorous House Ants, and Pavement Ants. Maxforce Ant Bait Stations contain bait formula that is irresistible and works that fast. Maxforce ant bait stations are also convenient and easy to use. The small ant bait station bags contain loose-packed single stations and are resealable to keep baits fresh and protected from contamination. Plus, the patented inspectable red station lids now have an additional feature: A debossed lid that's index welded to the base, creating even greater bait station integrity. And, the easy peel-and-stick adhesive makes application fast. Tips for Use: * Place Maxforce ant bait stations by ant trails and where ants have been seen. * Three bait stations should control an average size room, or approximately one bait station per 100 square feet. * Do not spray chemicals or disturb trails between ant nests and bait stations. * Periodically, replace Maxforce ant bait stations that are empty and relocate stations that show little or no ant activity.

Product Features

Tests show 90% population reductions in just four days for ants. Gels and stations provide different dietary needs for ants. For use in: Commercial and Residential, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools, Warehouses and others Pet safe, if used as directed on label *Square base plate design fits exactly into corners and along edges so that roaches are guided directly to the bait.

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