Milliard Swimming Pool Cover Siphon - Water Removal Drain for Above Ground Winter Pool Coverings

Milliard Swimming Pool Cover Siphon - Water Removal Drain for Above Ground Winter Pool Coverings
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Manufacturer Description

Cruel Pool Do you cover your pool to protect it during the off-season? If so, then when it's time to open it up again, you've probably found another pool on top of your pool! Rain and snow accumulate on the pool cover, which weighs it down to make more room for more rain and snow. Then nature settles in and that accumulated water gets filthy. Don't let it contaminate the clean water underneath - drain it with a Milliard Pool Cover Siphon! Simple Siphon Our simple, but elegant solution uses air pressure and gravity to drain your pool cover like a bathtub - no electric pumps or machines required! Just place the drain in the center of your pool cover and run the spout over the side of the pool. The siphon is activated by priming the included hand pump to begin the suction of water. Once it's primed, the water will just continue flowing out on its own until the cover is empty! It's not magic, just science, but we won't tell if you don't. Product Features Weighted Grated cover protects it from dirt and leaves 15-inch Long hose For above ground pools Zero maintenance Includes drain pump and hose All Milliard products are manufactured with safety, quality, and comfort in mind and we are glad to make our consumers' satisfaction our #1 goal.

Product Features

Use this siphon for a simple and effective way to drain the water that accumulated on your above-ground pool. Pool cover siphon uses no electricity - just prime it with the included hand pump and let it drain! Weighted base sinks to the bottom of your cover for the most effective draining and a grated cover protects the siphon from dirt and leavs Siphon includes an extra-long 15 ft. spout hose, hand pump/primer, and an easy to follow instruction sheet Made from durable ABS plastic and polyurethane to last from season to season

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