Monterey NLG6155 Garden Insect Spray
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Manufacturer Description

LG6155 Size: 1 Gallon Pictured shown in 1 Quart Features: -Insecticides.-Newest agricultural chemistry to be introduced into the homeowner market.-Bacterial product produced by fermentation.-Can be used on outdoor ornamentals, lawns, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.-Control caterpillars, leafminers, codling moth, tent caterpillars, gypsy moth, thrips, borers and more.-Also used to control fire ants in lawns and other outdoor areas.-Fast-acting and odorless.-Products for natural gardening. Options: -Available in 1 Pint, 1 Quart or 1 Gallon sizes. Dimensions: -1 Pint Dimensions: 7'' H x 4'' W x 2'' D.-1 Quart Dimensions: 9'' H x 5'' W x 3'' D.-1 Gallon Dimensions: 11'' H x 7'' W x 4'' D.

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