NATO Emergency Military Grade Shovel - Multi Functional - Lightwieght - All weather - Folding Shovel with Case - Carbon Steel - 365 Day Guarantee

NATO Emergency Military Grade Shovel - Multi Functional - Lightwieght - All weather - Folding Shovel with Case - Carbon Steel - 365 Day Guarantee
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Manufacturer Description

Emergency Preparedness Military Shovel Army Surplus E-Tool for Camping or Car Accessories

- COMPACT PORTABILITY makes this an ideal emergency car accessory for winter driving conditions.

- MULTI-PURPOSE IMPLEMENT is serrated on 1 side to act as a machete in cutting through underbrush.

- KEEP ONE IN YOUR BOAT to serve as an improvised paddle should your outboard motor stall out.

- NUMEROUS USES as canoe anchor, fish cleaning or makeshift tent stake make this a camping essential.

- LIGHTWEIGHT CARBON STEEL with modified "D" handle let you tackle labor-intensive tasks with ease.

Lightweight design, heavy-duty performance

Our folding carbon steel military shovel has so many useful applications that you should have one for the home, one for the car, and one for your camping or fishing supplies. Its' compact, folding design takes up less space in your car trunk than a traditional hardcover book. Yet when you unfold it and put it to work, this sturdy emergency shovel will get you out of a snow drift in a hurry.

What CAN'T it do?

Around the home or out in the wild, use the serrated edge of our e-tool to slice through vegetation or cut thin branches for roasting marshmallows. Quickly take the heads off of the day's fresh catch with minimal mess, tie a rope to the "D" handle and anchor your canoe, or paddle in when your trolling motor unexpectedly takes the afternoon off.

Ready when YOU are.

Even if you only plan to add it to your emergency preparedness supplies, you will have the peace of mind that our Military Shovel is ready for the zombie apocalypse or any other crisis situation.

Don't wait until you need it. Add the Emergency Preparedness Military Shovel to your cart today.

Product Features

Military Shovel - NATO type black or green folding Military Shovel. Use it in the garden or take it camping. Lightweight and Easy to Store - These are ideal for winter snows, gardening and a must have in the boot or trunk of any car for emergencies. Large Handle and Spade - The handle design ensures an excellent and sturdy grip and the spade isn't small either. Making light work of any situation. Multifunctional - Can be used as a shovel, a pick or hoe or a cutting implement, garden shovel (especially smaller gardens), snow shovel Guaranteed - We confident you'll never need another shovel, contact us at the first sign of troubles.

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