Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler
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Manufacturer Description

The Orbit Yard Enforcer is the easiest and most effective way to keep deer away from the garden, repel dogs off the lawn and deter cats out of flowerbeds. Other pest and animal repellent methods simply do not provide the same level of simplicity and control: deer fences are expensive; deer netting is inconvenient; and, deer repellent wears off. The Yard Enforcer motion-activated sprinkler is the proven way to protect a 1600 square foot area. When it comes to deer control – as well as control of birds, cats, dogs, skunks, opossums and other similar pests and animals – Don't hurt ‘em, just squirt ‘em. U.S. Pat. No. 7,637,475; D674,865; and other Patents Pending.

Product Features

120-Degree sensor with night only, day only and always on activation modes Intelligent sensing technology for optimum water and power conservation 35-Feet adjustable impact sprinkler and 30 minute timed watering setting Over 7,500 activation cycles on just 4 AA alkaline batteries Heavy-duty construction with metal dual step spike and brass hose connection

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