PestNot ULTRASONIC PEST Repeller Plug in - Pest Control (2019) Upgraded Electronic Repellent + Night Light with Multiple WAVELENGTHS to Target More pests - Especially Mice, Rodent and Rat

Price: $24.95

Product Features

?THE UPGRADED ULTRASONIC TRANSMITTER for DOUBLE IMPACT: More variation of wavelengths, higher impact electromagnetic ultrasonic frequencies with a new, improved design. ALL pests will be fleeing from your home! We have increased the ultrasonic frequencies’ intensity to create irritation for pests which drives them to flee from the area. ?SAFE, EFFECTIVE and NOISELESS SOLUTION: Plugged in to any standard household outlet, the ultrasonic frequency is inaudible to humans and pets, animal-friendly, and safe for children. It will not affect any household devices. It naturally drives pests out without harming them. When you see the blue LED working you can be confident that you are fully protected. ?LARGE COVERAGE AREA of 1250 SQUARE FEET: Please note that ultrasonic waves cannot travel through walls. We recommend placing one in every room for maximum effect. Cluttered areas such as attics, basements, garages and large storage areas may require more than one unit. ?NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR POISONS: Get rid of pests without using dangerous chemicals, sprays or traps that can harm your family, plants, and animals. Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent uses safe & effective technology without leaving nasty dead insects or rodents behind to attract bacteria. Works on Rats, Mice, Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Bugs, Fleas, Bats, Snakes and much more. ?LOVE IT OR RETURN IT GUARANTEE! You will start seeing results in 3-7 days and reach maximum efficiency after continuous use of 10-20 days. If you don’t see results within 3 weeks and are not completely satisfied, we offer a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee! Try it now RISK-FREE and enjoy a pest-free home