SATKULL Tree Swing Strap Hammocks Strap Hanging Kit-5ft Strap, Holds 2000 lbs-Fast & Easy Way to Hang Any Swing – Outdoor Swing Strap

SATKULL Tree Swing Strap Hammocks Strap Hanging Kit-5ft Strap, Holds 2000 lbs-Fast & Easy Way to Hang Any Swing – Outdoor Swing Strap
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Manufacturer Description

Tired of over and over again repair the swing rope?
We set out to design and manufacture a double tree swing strap kit that combines the most durable of materials and advanced safety features. Say goodbye to cheap rope and makeshift swing straps and say hello to your new best friend.
Our strap is made out of industrial grade polyester and can hold up to 2000 lbs. Polyester is stronger and more durable than Nylon for outdoor use. Sun, rain, snow and freezing temperatures won't impact our swing hanging straps.
Can handle greater loads It also has a compact size to be carried around easily; even by your kids!

Here are some more unique features of our Hammocks strap tree strap system:
?High grade polypropylene fiber Watch strap and carabiner.
? Able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers.
? Beautiful black color that will look great in your backyard.
? 2 inch wide strap to prevent tree damage.
? Holds up to 1000 lbs each (2000 lbs set) .
? Smoother ride.
? Easy cleaning and care.
? Chemical resistant.

Our tree strap system will fit all types of tree swings!
Here is a sample of the types of swings that will work great with our straps.
great with our straps:
Hammock swings
Spinner swings
Disc swings
Web swings
Tire swings
Classic swings
Garden swings
Toddler swings
Porch swings
Patio swing
Wooden tree swings
Kids Swings for Trees-Saucer swings
Unplug your kids: Get them off the electronics and playing outdoors
We re confident that you ll love it! We re so confident that you'll love this tree swing strap kit .
that it is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions money back, We Promise The Best Quality.

Product Features

SAFETY: Designed for hanging a swing without harming the tree.To prevent the straps from coming off while swinging, we designed our carabiners to include a heavy duty screw lock. Each strap has extra stitching on the metal ring fabric loops to provide sturdy and reliable attachment without tearing apart at the seams.0.23 inch -rings and 0.31 inch carabiners thickness with furling increase reliability in 30%. GREAT QUALITY: swing straps are the same quality and strength as seat belts. Holds up to 2000 lbs each. It has a double box stitch which makes it much stronger. These extra-long straps for hammocks are adjustable, which means you can wrap them around most any size tree - from small to large - and avoid damage. Safe and Fun for the whole family. Eco Friendly Set of Straps: With our swing set, there's no drilling or screwing involved. This allows you to easily install your swing without any damage to your property or the nature around you. It's easy to have fun and protect the great outdoors at the same time. Now you can have your swing installed safely: making your swing safe for everyone to enjoy is easy and simple with aj gear straps. Whether you're hanging a swing on tree branch, a patio beam or playground equipment, aj gear is here to help make the process easier and safer. Unlike other swing hangers, with our set of straps you won't need a drill or any other tools to start having fun. EASY TO USE: Tree Swing Hanging Kit Fits all swing types. Use it to hang all types of swings, patio swings, porch swings, hanging chairs, baby carrier swings, porch swings and much more. Both straps can be installed in under 5 minutes. No drilling or tools needed. Straps also work with any size hammock and fit. It comes with a convenient carrying pouch so you can bring your straps with you anywhere. Super Bear Power Straps are easily portable - take them with you camping, back packing, wherever.

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