Set of 14 Pest Control Bulb Duster Sprayer Kit Include Blue Silicone Folding Funnel,100ML Triangular Measuring Cup,Safety Dust Mask,Disposable Latex Waterproof Gloves

Set of 14 Pest Control Bulb Duster Sprayer Kit Include Blue Silicone Folding Funnel,100ML Triangular Measuring Cup,Safety Dust Mask,Disposable Latex Waterproof Gloves
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Manufacturer Description

Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control, this pesticide sprayer provides all the Components you need.

Multiple Uses?

Dealing with destructive garden pests such as beetles, worms & slugs.

Battling nasty indoor pests, such as bed bugs, ants & roaches.

Fighting an infestation of termites.

Five advantages of soft silicone copper pipe duster:

1:The size of the inlet is twice as large as others. It is easy to use and saves time.

2: Double the capacity. nearly double the other powder.

3: Using silicone material Better quality Feel better!

4: Sprayed powder is more fine and scattered

5: It is not easy to block the nozzle.


Pour the termite powder into the spray ball. The dose is about one-third of the space of the spray ball. It is best not to exceed half of the spray space.

By pressing the spray ball by hand, the powder can be sprayed, and the powder can be sprayed onto the object damaged by termites, and the termite nest spray can be found, and the effect is better.

In the place where termite damage occurs, use a screwdriver or other tool to open several small holes.

Unscrew the bottle nozzle cap, insert the nozzle into the small hole, squeeze the bottle, and spray the powder.

Then use waste paper or cotton to block the orifice, and hit the nearby wooden boards and other objects, causing the termites to be confused, so that the termites can be brought back to the nest with the powder, and the mutual interaction of the termites can be transmitted to each other for 7-15 days. , the whole nest termites die.


Pest Control Bulb Duster Sprayer:The spray ball is soft and the nozzle is brass.


Measuring Cup:Plastic.

Mask:PP Nonwoven.


Product Features

A professional pest control kit - Give you a full protection when killing insects.Include:1 pieces White Pest Control Bulb Duster Sprayer,1 pieces Blue Silicone Folding Funnel,2 pieces 100ML Triangular Measuring Cup,5 pieces Safety Dust Mask,5 pieces Disposable Latex Waterproof Gloves. Convenient Design - The funnel is convenient for bottling to prevent spillage. It can be folded when not in use, which is convenient to carry and saves space.The mask is multi-layered to prevent harmful gas inhalation during insecticide.Wear disposable gloves when killing insects, so that your hands can block the contact of insecticidal gas and protect your fingers.It can be discarded when used up. Easy To Use - After measuring the amount of powder using a measuring cylinder,just put the pesticide powder inside the bulb and squeeze and funnel so you can fill your pesticide duster quickly and easily. Better Quality - these longer lances allow you to dust even hard-to-reach areas .The lance is made of copper so that it's durable and won't get rusty easily.It is not easy to block the nozzle of the nozzle.The spray ball is made of silica gel. The quality is better, and the sprayed powder is finer and more fine. It's an ideal and useful tool to kill bugs and pests like wasp,mites,scorpions,ants,fleas,ticks,moths and so on.Fill your handy pesticide sprayer with diatomaceous earth for safe, ecofriendly pest control.

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