SOARAISE Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath Free Standing Solar Powered Water Pump Panel Kit Outdoor for Pond, Garden

SOARAISE Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath Free Standing Solar Powered Water Pump Panel Kit Outdoor for Pond, Garden
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Manufacturer Description

SOARAISE 2018 year upgrade Solar fountain pump is a good part of your birdbath, attracting birds to bring your garden vitality.

Product Description:
SOARAISE 2018 year upgrade solar birdbath pump is made up of highly efficient solar panel and new brushless pump. Start-up fast, efficient and strong stability.
In addition, it floats on the water and has no electric outlet or external battery. This product is suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, etc.

4 Spray Views:
The solar fountain pump has 4 nozzle spray settings to create different views, each with its own unique design. The maximum spray height up to 30 inches /80cm.

Solar panels: 7V / 1.4W
Solar panel diameter: 16 cm (6.3 inches)
Brushless pump input: DC 4.5-10V
Maximum pump flow: 150 L / H
Maximum water spray height: 75cm?30in?
Delay: ?3s

Warm tips:
1.It will be easy to assemble the solar fountain if you follow the instruction of the user manual.
2.The upgraded solar fountain uses better solar panel to work even without direct sunlight or under shadow.
3.It comes with 4 different spray heads so it's like you're getting four different fountains!
4.If you don't want it to float, you can fix it with the sucker in the bottom or use an extra fish line.
5.Please clean the pump regularly to ensure the fountain works properly. 6.Don't make the pump works without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.

Product Features

2018 Year Super Strong Solar Fountain---This new version pump was made from upgrade high quality solar panel, so it has higher efficiency compare to most other pumps, Making the fountain performs better. Eco-Friendly Solar Fountain Pump --- This SOARAISE solar bird bath fountain pump runs automatically, no battery or electricity needed, just put it in a sunny place and it runs automatically. Attracting birds to bring your garden vitality. Easy to Use---You just have to make the pump float on the water. Once the solar panel gain sunlight, it will run automatically within a couple of seconds. Multi-Application--- Perfect for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, water circulation for oxygen, let your garden and yard look so funny decorated by the solar water pump.Moving water attracts birds and discourages mosquitoes from breeding. Suggestion---Make sure you have put enough water in the bird bath so that the pump can stay entirely under the water. Solar panel must be fully exposed to sunlight, not any part of it can be shaded, or the pump will not work.

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