Solar & Wind Power

Solar panels have become a very important part of our homes recently. Nowadays, solar panels can be found in different styles, sizes, and types. They are also quite affordable these days. However, unlike other products, some solar panels are just better than others. A good portable solar panel would definitely have the necessary features to make it very useful and appealing.

For those who plan on putting up solar panels on their own, there are three main things to consider. First is how you will manage with the wiring around the house. You should have everything you need in order to be able to install your own solar chargers. Since the panels will be connected to the household electrical system, you'll have to wire them properly to avoid mishaps. Once the wiring is done, you can then use your own power-wirings to charge your cell phone, laptop computer, or other appliances.

Second, you have to consider the solar cells' efficiency rating. Efficiency rating for solar panels usually ranges between ten and fifteen. The higher the efficiency rating, the more power output you will get from each panel. But the lower the efficiency rating, the less power output you will get from the solar cells. When choosing thin-film portable solar panels, you must choose the higher efficiency rating.

Next, you have to consider the different material types available for your thin film panel. Thick glass and solid-state are the two most common materials used for thin film panel. Thin-film panels usually come in different layers. One layer of polycrystalline will be used to create a solar panel while another layer of indium tin oxide (ITO) will be used to create the semisolid form of the thin film. Both layers are then bundled together into a single panel.

Another important consideration when choosing thin-film portable solar panels is the power required for charging the batteries. For each charging session, you have to calculate the watts usage. If the number of charging sessions required by your system is greater than 10, you have to increase the wattage per session. If you are going to use the battery only for night time charging, you can increase the number of sessions per day to compensate for daytime charging.

Finally, the size of the solar panels should be considered. Most portable solar chargers are just big enough to attach on your backpack. But if your system will cover an entire terrace or large yard, you can consider using a more substantial charger that will allow you to position it at a more convenient location.

The thickness of the silicon wafers in the solar cells determines how much power is produced during a single charge. Thin silicon wafers produce higher wattage but shorter charging times. Meanwhile, polycrystalline panels are more efficient in producing high power but slower charging times. Both polycrystalline and polysulfide solar chargers can handle AC, DC, and Vero cells. You just need to check which one is best suitable for your needs.

The advantages of these portable solar panels also contribute to its popularity. Solar blankets are very useful in areas where sunlight is scarce. A solar blanket will keep your skin warm during cold months. The sun is also an effective source of heat, which makes solar blankets highly useful during cold days.

There are also several other benefits that portable solar panels bring. Some devices, such as mobile phones and mp3 players, can also be powered by solar energy. Photovoltaic solar blankets are also known to prevent fires. Solar blankets will also save you money due to its ability to lower your electricity bill every month.

One of the big blue's popular products is the solar charger. This portable device works well for those who are planning on using solar panels on boats. This product has three ports and can charge most electronic devices. Aside from boats, this device is also great for hikers and campers. It can connect to the batteries to charge them.

The biggest advantage of the x Draco charger over others is its compatibility with big blue SunPower devices. This charger can also charge other electrical devices including laptop computers and cell phones. You can use it in conjunction with a solar panel to eliminate your electricity bill completely. And because it has direct current capabilities, you will not be spending any time worrying about how much current your batteries are getting. Most importantly though, this charger is compatible with the leading brands such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Dell laptop and Sony Play. No matter what type of device you want to charge, you can be sure that the x Draco power bank from bigblue can accommodate it.