Ultrasonic pest repeller- The only 5 in 1 Electronic Plug in Repellent on Amazon, Best Rodent, mice, insect, spider, mosquito, cockroach and More repellent. Coverage area 5000 sq ft, Indoor use only.

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Product Features

Features- Our Patented Design is the Only Ultrasonic repeller to feature a 5 in 1 Design, which includes 3 technology's Ultrasonic, Electro-vibrawave, Ionic pest control, plus a night light and Ac pass through so you don't lose function of your outlet. How it all works- ultrasonic feature uses a powerful high pressure sound wave inaudible to human and Pets, yet as loud as a siren to pests. Electro-vibrawave feature surges digitally- processed magnetic vibrations through the wiring deep within your walls where pest nest and breed. Ionic feature pumps out beneficial negative ions that clean the air of pollutants and food odors that attract pests. Safety- Our Pest repeller is designed to be perfectly safe to use around people of all ages, including small children. All pest control features included in the pest repeller are designed to be safe, humane, and environmental friendly. Easy to use- Just plug in your pest repeller and that is it! Our product is completely maintenance free and is the only repeller powerful enough to cover 5,000 sq. ft. Please Note the first 2 weeks it's normal to see an increase of pest after you install the repeller because the pests are being flushed out of the walls and their hiding places and will soon disappear altogether. Why choose us- Our product is the only pest repeller on the market that is this advanced, when we designed our pest repeller we had our customer's satisfaction in mind so we designed a product that had all the best technologies to repel pest, Plus a 45 day no questions asked money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.